Saddle Issues, Group Riding in Training Plans & Building Skills Confidence on the Consummate Athlete Podcast

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This July Q&A episode was rad to record because the questions this month really hit on Peter and my areas of expertise and interest. A bit about ride nutrition, but most of the questions centered around lady part issues (specifically numbness on the bike and the efficacy of bib shorts), which is my favorite topic of discussion. (Check out my book, “Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy” for advice on that and TONS more, and consider grabbing a copy for the newbie cyclist in your life, or for yourself!)

Then, Peter got to cover a couple of topics he’s been hearing about lately, especially after MTB Nats. The first was all about incorporating group rides into your training plan and how a coach can handle that. (Ahem… Check out his custom three-month training plans here!) That conversation got super interesting since my take on it tends to be more that I actively *avoid* group rides because I’m always nervous about being the least technically skilled on the MTB… but I probably could actually stand to incorporate them a lot more often if I want to improve! So we have a good debate/talk there. Then we chat about when to opt for the A line versus the B line, so a lot of chatting about skills (and ‘skill reserve’) in there.

It’s a super fun episode, though you can hear a bit of my nervousness about this weekend’s IRONMAN race starting to get to me!

Give the episode a listen here:

July Q&A – Numbness, Bib Shorts & Group Rides in Training Plans

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