The Power of the Placebo Effect as a Performance Boost

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This was such a meta article to write. If you know something is only going to work if you’re relying on the placebo effect that it has, will it still have a placebo effect? Answer: kind of. I loved chatting with Tracy Stanard (who we’ve also had on the Consummate Athlete Podcast!), because she totally understood where I was coming from with this question. For example, if I know beet juice will primarily serve to boost my performance because I believe that it will versus the actual effects on my blood and oxygen levels, will it actually boost my performance, or will I be stymied by my own rationality?

It really comes down to belief. But you can totally make the power of placebo effect work for you. Read how in the article I wrote with Tracy’s great advice here:

The Power of the Placebo Effect as a Performance Boost


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