Run Fast; Perfect Your Stride with John Beverly on the Consummate Athlete Podcast

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Obviously, you guys know I’m HUGE on running. But I definitely wasn’t a runner my whole life. And when I started at 20, running a mile was basically the worst. But over the years, I’ve gotten more competent and grown to really, really love it. It hasn’t always been pretty: there have been plenty of minor injuries, plenty of stomach issues, plenty of muscle cramps, and a whole lot of growing up in the process. Recently, I’ve started realizing that 20 year old Molly could go out and run and have no problems, but Molly at 30 should probably focus a little more on self-care in the form of mobility work. (Bleck.) Jonathan Beverly—longtime running coach and journalist—lays all of that out, and much more, in his recent book, Your Best Stride. We got to chat with him about running faster, happier and less injury-prone on The Consummate Athlete Podcast and I LOVE this episode!

(Speaking of books, have you joined The Athletic Bookworms?)

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Run Fast and Perfect Your Stride Fewer Injuries – John Beverly

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