Packing The Perfect Race-Day Bag from 5K to Ironman to CX, According to the Pros

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Who doesn’t LOVE a good packing article? I have to admit, when Outside asked me to write something about what was in pro’s bags for race day, I was basically beside myself because all I ever wanted to write as a young fashion journalist was those back-of-the-mag articles about what was in celebrity purses. (Not kidding: in a binder of favorite articles for reference, I still have one ripped out of Jane magazine—remember that?!—of Mary Kate Olsen’s ultra-boho purse and its contents. I. Love. Those. Articles.)

So anyway, this one was a total blast to write, and while a lot of the lists seemed fairly straightforward for someone who’s spent a lot of years racing, I really loved a few of the random bits and pieces that made it into bags. (Allie Tetrick, I love you for your bottle of wine tip!)

Anyway, give it a read here:

The Perfect Race-Day Bag, According to the Pros


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