Should Every Runner Be Deep Water Running?

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Deep water running, WTF? I saw a sign for this at the pool in Collingwood a few weeks ago and was intrigued: I remember deep water running in college when my legs were super cramped and I couldn’t run, but the idea of doing it as a serious workout… huh? So, I called the instructor, signed up for a class, and totally got into it. It was just as hard a workout as a swim or a regular run was! I loved writing this article for MapMyRun because honestly, I think it’s a genius way for someone to extend their weekly mileage without straining muscles or joints… and in the summer, it’s just nice to stay cool while getting a run in. I definitely plan to do more of this, especially if we’re in Ontario in the winter, since it’s often too snowy and icy to get a decent run in outside and the treadmill is the bane of my existence. But don’t take my word for it: check out the article I wrote featuring Irene’s best advice and tips!

Should Every Runner Be Deep Water Running?

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