A Life of Boundless Adventure with Paul Trebilcock on the Consummate Athlete Podcast

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This was a really fun episode because there is pretty much nothing that Paul hasn’t done in the world of extreme sports, and the journalist in me was so excited to hear about the TV show, Boundless, that he was part of until it ended recently. (Similar to why I freaking loved this episode with Jayme Moye!) Our biggest takeaways from Paul were about how he prepped for all of the crazy adventure races that he was doing: rather than spending months devoted to getting ready for one race, he would focus on having a big generalized endurance base, and then right before each big event, he’d ‘cram’ to get the sport-specific training that he needed. To me, that’s a big part of being a consummate athlete: having the base in place so you can tackle pretty much any adventure. (Plus, he has a TON of great stories about his exploits!)

Give it a listen:

Boundless Adventure with Paul Trebilcock

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