Multi-Day Running—22 Marathons in 22 Days!—with Emily Allan-Dakin on the Consummate Athlete Podcast

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Last week’s podcast (sorry this is a little late, holiday weekend and TONS of stuff to talk about in later posts going on) with Emily Allan-Dakin was a major favorite of mine, partially because we geek out hard about our similar journeys through triathlon and racing. But she’s a HUGE inspiration to me now because she just did an amazing feat: in 22 days, she ran the 895 kilometers of the Bruce Trail (Canada’s answer to the Appalachian) and she’s a total badass. (All the ladies on the podcast are, let’s be real.) What I really love was diving into her training and prep and how she did it all with a normal 9 to 5 job, so it’s not like she had an pro athlete style training plan. She had to cram her runs in with a normal workday, and find time for real life and fundraising for her charity of choice—fighting CF. So much packed into this episode!

Give it a listen:

Multi-Day Running—22 Marathon + in 22 Days!—with Emily Allan-Dakin

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