Summer Travel & Your Training

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Summer travel & training.

Yikes. This one stresses me out a lot right now. Our travel schedule—ironically, stacked with races, but for me, mostly races I’m doing talks at—makes it really hard to work in the hours needed for IM training. It’s been a huge challenge to get in key workouts, and to be honest, I have a bunch of new projects (and Shred Girls just launched!) and it’s not getting any easier. And it won’t… I looked at the schedule and it’s travel madness through next freaking April. Sure, there’s some mini-down time broken into that, and I have a piece in the works about having more time than you think, but that time is currently being devoted to putting words on a page.

So, even with Ironman coming up, I know when travel and life get hectic, it’s really easy to want to just take those spaces carved out for fitness and just freaking chill. And on one hand, you do you. Take that break. But on the other, if you have goals—internal or external—then you don’t always want to indulge that person I refer to as Zombie Self.

Besides, the weather is getting good, who wants to turn into a Netflix-watching naps-all-day vampire? (Or a all of stress from too much running around and work and not enough outside time?)

So, whether it’s work, family, travel or even vacation that’s throwing off your daily rhythm, I have a few tips to get your workout in, business trip or family vacation be damned.

  • Finding a running or cycling route in a new place can be a huge struggle for those of us on the road a bunch. But that is absolutely not an excuse! I’ve got a few easy ways to find the best spots to run, wherever you are.
  • Get up 10 minutes earlier and do a quick core/yoga flow. I love mine, and it’s the 10 minutes that makes my day infinitely more tolerable. I start with 5 minutes of planks, then a couple core exercises, then a quick flow through this Tara Stiles (of Strala Yoga) set designed for ‘productivity.’ (I have no idea why that is, but it’s quick, easy and feels great!)
  • Walk. Please. Seriously, if everyone just did a little more walking, life would be so much more pleasant. Peter sometimes has to shove me out the door, especially as it gets later in the day, but it’s seriously the best way to get out of a slump, or to unglue from your computer screen. We have our best ‘business’/scheming meetings while we’re walking around—and it’s even better if you can add an errand so you’re multitasking! (Check our podcast with Katy Bowman for more tips.)
  • Turn play into a workout. Taking kids to the playground, or the dog on a walk (even if you have to borrow kids or a dog to make this work) can be super active, or super passive. A couple handweights can add a bit more resistance, chasing the kids on the playground and maybe doing a pullup or two on the monkey bars can be a bit of strength training, and fartlek sprints with the pup will speed you up.
  • Take a damn day off every so often. It’s OK. No one is judging you—and a day off is usually enough to re-motivate you for the next day! (Feeling guilty? Don’t. But if you can’t shake that feeling yet can’t get off the couch, download a free meditation app and do a session to chill your brain out.)


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