“We Got to Hang Out” with Annalisa Fish and Abby Watson on the Consummate Athlete Podcast

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So, I love the We Got to Hang Out Podcast, and I admit, before I met Annalisa Fish and Abby Watson, I was SUPER nervous. (I get that way around really rad women. You should see me at a Bicycling staff meeting, I’m paralyzed because there are so many!)

Anyway, they absolutely did not disappoint: this episode was a total blast to record. If you’re interested in bike fit and how to optimize your riding, we cover that. Best riding style? Covered. (Both in terms of type of bike and sartorial, of course.) And we talk a ton about women’s cycling, naturally. It’s a fun and—I think—funny episode, and if you’re more into conversational podcasts, then this is a great one to listen to. (As is their entire show!)

One thing I loved in particular, since I recently wrote about the feeling of over and underwhelm was talking to Annalisa about balancing her PT practice with doing things like the podcast. Her response: “It’s hard. There’s a lot of editing that goes in with it, but I’m still so stoked, and you prioritize things that you’re stoked about.” (Annalisa meant literally editing the podcast, but I like it as a life thing.)

Anyway, give it a listen and let us know what you think! (It would be a HUGE help if you would subscribe, rate and review the podcast over in iTunes as well. <3)

Live from Sea Otter: Hang out, Bike Fit, Physio w. Annalisa Fish and Abby Watson




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