Life, As of Late: May 2017

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It’s been a minute since I’ve done a more personal catch-up post on here. (I recently talked about feeling over/underwhelmed, though, which was about as personal as it gets!)

But I wanted to pop on to do a bit of a catch up/chattier post to talk about what we’ve been up to, what I’ve been feeling, and what we’re doing differently as we head into summer. Some big launches happened, some big changes are happening, and some big goals are looming. It’s a scary time to be in my head, if I’m being honest.


In case you missed it, I just launched my first novel, part one in a series for middle-grade girls. Shred Girls: Lindsay’s Joy Ride was basically the book that I wish someone had written when I was 12 years old, kind of awkward, and trying to figure out life then. (And, you know, it would have been cool to get into cycling earlier!) Think Babysitter’s Club but with bikes instead of babies.

The writing process took, oh, ten years or so… mainly because of the terror and overwhelm I felt every time I started working on fiction versus nonfiction. And in between working on that, I wrote plenty of other books, articles, blog posts, etc… but I always felt like this was just dying to get out. So finally, in the last year, I sat down and really focused on making it happen. And it flowed a lot faster than I thought!

The other fun part, I admit, was teaming up with genius illustrator (you might know his name from his work with Team Sky and Bicycling), Rich Mitchelson, to design the cover of the book and the logo. So freaking good! And, of course, having a great logo meant the ability to do even more fun stuff, like making sweet tshirts and caps to go along with the book’s launch.

You can pre-order now and if you order before May 31, you get a signed copy of the book, stickers (that look rad on a bike!) and the chance to win even more swag. I’m also working on some launch parties, so stay tuned for that. (And if you’re interested in hosting an event for a girl’s group, at a bike park, at a shop or at a race, get in touch! I’m hoping to bring this book outside of the cycling world, so Girl Scout troops, schools, etc. are also on the target audience list!)

Pre-Order Books, Tshirts and Hats Here

I launched Shred Girls!

Outside of Shred Girls, which has taken up a huge portion of my headspace lately as I work on the launch/release, plus work on Books 2 and 3, I also re-launched and re-branded this site,, and I’ve been working on a couple other book projects. We haven’t abandoned, either: there’s new content on there every week. And we hit the one-year anniversary of The Consummate Athlete Podcast, woo!

I usually just get a lot of looks of confusion when I talk about what I’m doing and list it out… the funniest being a radio show in Edmonton that had me on to talk about cycling and journalist life—the poor guy wrote up a bio for me, and the list took a solid 90 seconds to read! So, along those lines I’ve also been doing a bunch of writing for Bicycling and MapMyRun, but also some other sites like Nylon, Greatist, MindBodyGreen, (and a couple that are upcoming that I am SO stoked on!). It’s been fun to write about some new fitness/wellness/outdoorsy topics. There are a lot of lists and specific breakdowns of articles that keep me going (and let me know in the comments if that’s something you guys would want to read about!)


Holy moly. That work section actually sort of exhausted me a little, not going to lie. It sometimes makes me worry that I’ve spread what I’m doing too thin, but it all comes back to the same over-arching idea: my goal is to educate and promote adventure + wellness, and that takes a lot of different shapes and forms.

Life-wise, it feels like we’ve had a couple weeks to chill a bit and gear up for what’s going to be a roller coaster of a year (until next April, really). And in the midst of that, I’m campaigning for a dachshund (an eventual dachshund, not one RIGHT NOW). I’m also perilously close to my 30th birthday and feeling pretty darn good about it. Honestly, having that mini-milestone happening this year is the best thing that could have happened because there have been some goals—like Shred Girls—that got turned up to 11 to get them done ahead of that day. Which is arbitrary, I know, but it was sort of like a bonus New Year’s Eve deadline date.

We have—shocker, I know—a bunch of travel coming up, from Peter’s racing to Ironman out West to the kickoff of another cyclocross season, and I’m definitely trying to absorb all the chill I can between now and then.


As I’m sure a lot of you have noticed, we’re training for an Ironman that is coming up very, very quickly. It’s funny, before we signed up, I was loving the idea of all of the hard work and long hours it would take to train. And, of course, as soon as I clicked ‘Register,’ a million and one projects and opportunities came up. Isn’t that always how it goes?

So, other than the camps in February and March when I got to ride a ton, it’s been hard to work volume into my everyday. In anticipation of that, though, my runs and rides are getting longer—though it has been a little disheartening to keep having things like a bad cold and then a massive bout of bad leg cramps derail normal training. All systems are GO right now, however, and I’m feeling really strong. (I raced Paris 2 Ancaster last weekend, my first bike race in TWO YEARS and despite a broken spoke at 10K in, it felt good… And it was a definite necessity to have a race start under my belt to remind me of those jitters!)

I made a lot of mistakes the first time I did an Ironman, and I’m trying to avoid them this time. I’m also realizing that when I do a lot more swim/bike/run, I start really craving other workouts, like yoga and strength training. I took a Kundalini yoga class yesterday ahead of my long run (so good, and more on that in another post!), and I felt amazing over the 13 miler that I did. Pretty much floating, I was in such a state of stoke. So I’m realizing I need to incorporate more stuff like that in, even if it’s not 100 percent in alignment with normal training. (My poor hip flexors were also suggesting that they would like to be stretched occasionally.)

Really, right now life is pretty good. It’s crowded (I won’t say busy, because it’s all things that I am psyched to be doing!). It’s hectic. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Thanks, guys ❤




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