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The Mission: Share advice and inspiration to get girls and women inspired to embrace wellness and adventure!

You might have noticed a pretty major makeover on here. That’s because I decided it was time for a change—saying goodbye to in favor of The site will largely remain the same content-wise, other than the major facelift. But I wanted to focus more outwards and offer some more advice on some of my favorite topics. So you’ll be seeing more posts, maybe even some guest posts, and tons of new fun stuff—including another major project I’ll be launching in a few weeks. (Give me some free-ish time in one place, and I will move mountains.)

Anyway, what kind of content are you going to find on The Outdoor Edit? I want it to encompass my major passion for an outdoor, active lifestyle. So we’ll be talking about:


Expect all kinds of advice as we navigate #VanLife, plus plenty of travel tips for non-van types, like how to pack the perfect carry-on and how to stay active on long work trips. Because right now, so much of our life involves traveling around, this is going to be a pretty hefty category on here.

Active Lifestyle

Can’t have an active blog without talking fitness, so I’ll be chatting more about my routines, especially as I train for (another) Ironman this summer, and I’ll keep linking to some of my favorite articles I’m writing on cycling, running and tons more!

Active Fashion & Beauty

I got my start in fashion journalism, so it’s no surprise that I still love talking about it… But with a much more active life twist. The clothes, makeup, and skincare that I talk about are all designed with an active lifestyle in mind (I love a good pair of leggings, obviously), and I’m admittedly not the fanciest dresser on the planet, but I like to think I’ve shifted from excessively punk to put-together athletic, but still a teensy bit edgy.

Food & Nutrition

I love a good recipe, and to me, you can’t have an active outdoorsy lifestyle without properly fueling it. (Which, of course, explains why I wrote a book on sports nutrition, Fuel Your Ride.)


This is my catch-all category for talking about real life stuff: what to do when you have writer’s block, how to keep your $hit together when you’re on the road and deadlines are looming, and how to meditate, when you really, really hate the idea of meditation. It’s going to get real.

So, let me know in the comments: how do you like the new look? Anything you’d like to see more (or less) of?

(In case you wondered, will still redirect right here, so no worries about how you find the page!)


Let me know what you think!

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