Outdoor Edit // Interbike Edition

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It was a long week at Interbike after Trek CXC in Madison, and now we’re in Iowa. To say I’m exhausted would be an extreme understatement. But I’m trying to stay healthy through it! So, a few things along those lines this week…

Love this // A few of the snacks that got me through the week, in addition to my protein powder and greens powder mix. Epic Bars are starting to grow on me, and they’re a nice departure from sweet bars. Picky Bars are my new favorite for fast sugar (in date form), and Justin’s Maple Almond Butter is basically the best, on its own or on an apple.

Try this // My cousin recommended this Young Thieves Essential Oil to me for avoiding getting sick while traveling. It’s a cinnamon clove oil and it’s pretty darn tasty. No promises how well it works, but I’ve been adding a few drops to tea and it’s been like drinking chai, which is delicious, and I’ve avoided a sore throat, so that’s something!

Read this // I’m still tempted by the idea of a crazy hike, and this article in Backpacker, “A Ghost Among Us,” makes the prospect even more tempting.

She wore a white, collared shirt, a knee-length skirt, and trail running shoes, giving her the look of a sneaker-commuting schoolteacher. Her shoulder-length brown hair bordered full, rose-colored cheeks and wild, hungry-looking eyes. She carried a small backpack, loaded with a beat-up sleeping bag, a one-person tent, a Therm-a-Rest, a wispy rain jacket and wool baselayers, a compact headlamp, 6 liters of water, and snack food pre-portioned into small meals.

Before You Go // ICYMI, I wrote and we talked about staying healthy during travel blocks—pretty appropriate for this week at Interbike (and a huge challenge!)


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