Mud, Snow and Cyclocross: The Boston Globe, TourChats, and More Reviews!

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I LOVE that people send pictures of my book when they get it. Awesome.

I’ve been traveling like a maniac the last couple of weeks, with no end in sight, but I wanted to pop on and post a few of the coolest things that have happened to me lately.

First of all, Ed Medina wrote an AMAZING article that was published in The Boson Globe yesterday all about cyclocross, with a whole piece interviewing me and talking about the book and how people can get into cyclocross. So exciting!

I also was lucky enough to be featured on Tour Chats with Neil Browne and Dan Wuori, where I talked about the book and cyclocross, showed off my cowbell tattoo, and generally had an amazing time.

There have also been a few great reviews of the book that have come out lately. The Washing Machine Post from the UK did one, as did Scum City Racing.

Colt from CyclingDirt did an interview with me at USGP Sun Prairie, which was a blast, even though I talk on video about why reading is way better than watching a video…

Lastly, I got to do a book signing at CrossVegas, and in Interbike with Cat’s Tongue Towels and USA Cycling, which was an absolute blast.

Stay tuned for more, and check out the coverage from the USGP’s that I did, because there are some great interviews in there.

Book signing at USA Cycling’s booth at Interbike!

Let me know what you think!

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